Meetings : Action Item System

Largely meetings without Accountability are political and large wastes of labor resources. An Action Item System creates and tracks accountability.
An Action Item is a declared statement at a meeting that "something" needs to be addressed. The Action Item form is assigned to one or more persons at the meeting, and they fill out the various blocks as best they can do at the meeting. This includes capturing initial concepts about how to efficiently go about completing the tasking, and identifying the resources available to support related developments. After the worksheet is filled out, it is logged into the Action Item Log. The Action Item Log is mutually held by the Secretary of the meeting, and the Action Item Committee Chairperson. The purpose of the committee is to allow Administrative Leadership to delegate responsibility and ensure each person assigned an Action Item is both making progress, and has the resources to reasonably complete the assigned tasking. The Action Item Log tracks from one meeting to the next the completed and outstanding Action Items. Action Items that are systemic problems can the be escalated to committee actions. Personnel not ready for leadership are demoted into more useful positions. Or, personnel that show competence are groomed to advance into higher levels of leadership. Loyalty is never rewarded; this leads to corruption. Only competence in serving the company mission are ever rewarded.
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