Method to Teach Common Sense

Common Sense is built from mentored practiced experience; learning how to share Respect
The material is intentionally concise so that it can be learned in a short time.
There are far more complex relationships that are used to construct
organization legal documents and administrative procedures, so that
corruption is worked out of organizations. This resource is intended
to be used by teachers, employers, and parents.

What's in this download

This is a general method of Teaching Common Sense. 

Common Sense can be taught within a variety of
educational materials.  The reason it isn't is because
teachers do not understand the foundations of 
Common Sense.

With these tools parents can teach their children,
employers can teach their staff, hospitals can teach
their physicians with a history of poor diagnosis the
skills to make better skilled diagnoses.

Why funding is being raised

The purpose of selling these resources is to build the capacity to be
able to teach common sense globally, to create a world community
of shared respect.

If you believe in the cause, please consider donating your skills,
or making more digital purchases.