Foundations of Common Sense

Mutually consistent relationships supporting the foundations of Common Sense
The material is intentionally concise so that it can be learned in a short time. These are the absolute minimum of what needs to be understood, to consistently express Common Sense.

There are far more complex relationships that are used to construct organization legal documents and administrative procedures, so that corruption is worked out of organizations.

This resource is intended to be used by teachers, employers, and parents.

What's in this download

Found here are concise interrelated definitions that provide an understanding of how to consistently earn Respect within social groups.

Vague definitions found in dictionaries, do NOT correlate with the relationships involved in common sense. Dictionary definitions are most often used for political influence instead of understanding.
and relationships allow for diverse perspectives to fit a desired outcome;
not necessarily an outcome of mutual interest.

Action-oriented definitions more narrowly describe a set of relationships to produce "predictable results", instead of political results. Political results can be useful, but in-general do not significantly contribute to understanding. Different people interacting with common sense often arrive with similar outcomes, starting from completely different perspectives.

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