Predicting the Future through Shared Respect

A chart that shows the social relationships that build significant opportunities
The material is intentionally concise so that it can be learned in a short time.
There are far more complex relationships that are used to construct
organization legal documents and administrative procedures, so that
corruption is worked out of organizations. This resource is intended
to be used by teachers, employers, and parents.

What's in this download

If you want to understand why being able to consistently express common sense
is so important, download this textually oriented graphic.

How is it that some people rise into positions of influence and respect,
while others struggle daily?

A person with strong skills to consistently express Common Sense ethically
works with others to share risks in developing common goals. Developing
access to more resources than they collectively had. The mutual deserved
trust and willingness to learn and contribute to group efforts, builds growth,
and access to more low-risk significant opportunities.

A willingness to express inconsistent relationships, harms a group's success.
The group flounders into anarchy and eventually is dispersed. Only then
having access to high risk and insignificant opportunities.

Why funding is being raised

The purpose of selling these resources is to build the capacity to be
able to teach common sense globally, to create a world community
of shared respect.

If you believe in the cause, please consider donating your skills,
or making more digital purchases.